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IT support jobs include a wide variety of professionals. Jobs in the information technology field range from installing applications, data management, designing complex computer networks and information databases to networking and administration of the entire system. Technology is expanding at record speed in todayís world. Jobs in the IT field are starting to spread from network technology and personal computers to other modern technologies such as televisions, cell phones, tablet computers and smart phones. Jobs are becoming competitive, but by the same token, competitiveness among businesses is increasing the need for even more IT support professionals.

Although, the IT industry has suffered in the past few years, along with the rest of the economy, the demand for IT professionals is strong. There is a wide variance in the availability of jobs, depending on the area of the country where you live. IT service jobs, such as engineering and software services have remained in high demand. Other skills such as process analysis and design, program management, networking, internet security and risk management are also highly valued. In a recent survey, the top U.S. cities for IT jobs are: Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Huntsville, AL, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and Washington D.C. The nationís capital ranks among the highest for IT jobs, thanks to the stabilizing force of the government.

There are many specialties and subspecialties in the IT industry. Network analysts, systems analysts and IT managers are currently the hot jobs in the market. Consulting firms and computer systems management are also seeing a surge in the demand for IT specialists. The IT industry continues to look good for the future and is a rewarding, challenging career choice.


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