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IT training involves in-class and online training, as well as on-the-job training. The rapid pace at which technology is changing in todayís world, often means ongoing IT training, even for degreed professionals. At the very least in todayís world, an IT certificate is required for most jobs, others require a degree. Itís a good idea to devise your own plan of learning objectives for your development and employment goals. Both basic and advanced IT training is available.

IT training in web design includes:

HTML and XHTML for web publishing
Adobe Dreamweaver
Advanced web design and styles training
Cascading styles sheets training
Graphic design with Adobe Photoshop
Graphic design with Adobe Flash Training
Web marketing techniques

IT training in web development includes:

Introduction to web scripting
Introduction to Java
Enterprise Java
All Java training courses
Introduction to relational database
VB script
ASP and Active X training
Introduction to XML
Cold fusion training
XML fundamentals
Advanced ASP workshop
Crystal reports pages (JSP)
Oracle DBA training


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