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Technical resumes should focus on skills and professional experience. In the skills section, list all computer languages, platforms, products and tools you have experience using. For each skill, describe to what degree you used it. Such as:

Proficiency using PHP for the development of secure web-applications.
Some Perl and Regex knowledge.

Include all buzzwords in your skills section. This is very important because many hiring professionals now use automated software that scan resumes for particular skills or keywords that their clients specify. Include as many relevant keywords as possible, such as the keyword HTML. You might write something like: Proficiency with HTML, ASP, and JSP.

In the professional experience section, list your previous work experience in chronological order. Start with your current employer, or latest position. One good tip is to try to show a gradual progression in your career, to show how you gained more responsibility with each position. If possible, include specific figures, such as:

Managed accounts that generated over $50M annually.

There is no need to list jobs or projects that go back further than ten years, unless you feel they hold significant relevance to the position you’re applying for. There are many specific examples for technical resumes online. Simply use your favorite search engine, and type in “technical resume sample.”


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